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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a Dedicated playstation all stars Convert.

the MATCHUPS are my mission.


happy 3rd anniversary, i know that the anniversary period is up, but I'm not gonna call it quits until I've submitted my contribution.

I'm issuing a call to arms of sorts (as Memoski put it).

I'm going to do a 5 page preview for a fan comic that I hope you will support. my ambition is that i can get some of my fellow playstation all-stars fan artists involved as well. no work on your part is necessary. if you would like to volunteer tell me in the comments. and i will explain the details to you via notes.

this is not the end of playstation all-stars if i have anything to say about it, nor will it be the last anniversary


Robbit vs Aloy
Robbit (Jumping Flash[PS1]) VS Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn[PS4])

Jumping Flash is definitely a playstation fans most obscure pick. it only has two games as far as i know, but it's a really big deal because Jumping flash was one of the original Launch Games for the Sony Playstation. Jumping flash is basically the equivelant of DuckHunt Dog for nintendo.

Intro: Jumping flash:…
the Completionist: Jumping Flash:…
All Cutscenes: Jumping Flash 2:…

there were anther points in time where i expected certain PS4 characters to become PS AllStar candidates, and they turned out to barely qualify as all-stars at all. but I'm willing give Horizon the benefit of the doubt here.

Horizon: Zero Dawn hasn't come out yet, but its already surprised tons of people with what it promises. its made by the same developers of the killzone franchise. and it looks quite ambitious, like a mixture of the withcer and shadow of the colossus in a sci-fi post apocalypse earth. and Aloy herself seems like she'll be a good character in her own right.

e3 2015 announcement trailer: Horizon Zero Dawn:…
e3 2016 Gameplay video: Horizon Zero Dawn:…
e3 2016 trailer: Horizon Zero Dawn:…

I'm sorry for posting this so late. i said i was going to post it on november 16th, but I've had a lot on my mind. (+finals are coming up.)

happy thanks giving , and HAPPY PS ALL STARS 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

I've got another rivalry lined up but i don't know when it will be ready, ill try to have it ready by christmas if i can.
the Psycho vs the Hunter
(Major Spoilers for Until Dawn)

Josh Washington/ "The Psycho" [Until Dawn(PS4)] VS the Hunter [Bloodborne(PS4)]             HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

UNTIL DAWN is one of my favorite games on PS4. and its one of PS4's most successful exclusive games to date. of the many characters you play as, josh is the one you play as the least, because the whole game follows the path of your standard, "Cabin in the woods" Slasher movie, and Josh (as the Clown-Faced Psycho) is the monster. or at least thats what he convinces his friend to believe in the first half of the game. through the course of the game its revealed that Josh has a history of mental health problems. when he's gotten all his friends together on the mountain, he uses several film making tricks to make them think they're in some insidious game with a masked murder as revenge for unintentionally dooming his sisters on the same mountain exactly one year prior. the real monster turns out to be these spider-like zombie creatures called the wending (native american spirit/demons who are summoned to humans who succumb to hunger and commit cannibalism). one of the many wending on the mountain happen to be Josh's Sister. 

Game Theory: Until Dawn:…

as discussed the Game theory episode about until dawn (link above), josh is more the victim than the actual monster, so why should he represent UNTIL DAWN in Playstation AllStars as opposed to someone else? because the whole story practically revolves around Josh's Struggle. how would it make sense for him to embark on the standard arcade storyline of Playstation AllStars? and why would the wending follow him? my Idea: Josh's quest for the ultimate quest for the Power of Playstation would not be a physical adventure, but rather an internal one, and the wending appear as a psychological manifestation of Josh's Guilt for not protecting his sisters. his level 3 super move could be a nightmarish transition into the depth's of Josh's Psychy where the wending, especially Hannah, come out to kill and devour all the other contestants. none could possibly survive, except for maybe one fighter.... (segway to the Hunter)

The Completionist: Until Dawn:…

BLOODBORNE is also one of the first really good exclusives of the playstation 4 lineup. Bloodborne was made by the same people who created the Dark Souls games as well as Demon's Souls (an old exclusive for the playstation 3). the Developer, FROMSOFTWARE, have become notorious for line-up of infamous games which boasted extremely challenging gameplay and an ultimately rewarding experience. i can't say that I'm as big a fan of Bloodborne as i am as i am of Until Dawn, but i can definitely respect the legacy. 

BloodBorne "cut you down" trailer:…

The Hunter is one of many by-gone travelers to the decaying, Gothic City of Yarnum. Yarnum is in the middle of a yearly horrifying festival called the Night of the Hunt, as well as being plagued by strife and terrifying monstrous creatures. the hunter has arrived just in time to be endangered by every possible living thing in this dying city. facing impossible difficulty and a variety of adversaries around every corner, the hunter stands alone. using Many weapons, saws, hammers, blades, some guns and blood-magic etc., the hunter walks the streets at night, embracing the hunt against impossible odds.

i probably have not presented the best understanding of Bloodborne's story or its weapon details, sorry.

The Completionist: Bloodborne:…

in celebration of the 4 year anniversary, i hope we will all pull together some impressive artwork. i know Nintendo stole our thunder Last Year by announcing Cloud Strife in Smash Bros. but we can let this keep us down. i hope you will all help to keep the community spirit together. 

my next rivalry will be posted on November 16th, right before my birthday. Happy Halloween, and Happy Playstation All-Stars 4 year anniversary
Agent vs Gex
Agent [Counter SPY(PSN)] VS Gex [Gex(PS1)]{3rd}

you could say that this Matchup does take significant inspiration from the epic rap battle for James Bond vs Austin Powers :)…

in a world where the Imperialist states and and Soviet Russia lie in cold anticipation on the brink of war, a nuclear space race is underway to see who will be the first to Nuke the moon. no matter who reaches the finish line both world powers will have unwittingly destroyed the  world as we know it. only one organization stands between these world super powers and the threat of global destruction. this organiztion claims neutrality and works in complete secrecy by sending its Best Spy all over the world to sabatage top secret facilities. this organization is known simply to the Powers as COUNTER.

Counter Spy Trailer:…

Gex is like the Nostalgia Critic if he also happened to be Bruce Campbell. in fact i would argue that Gex is the Bruce Campbell of video game mascots. as a whole the gex games have had a really nice turnout. the story is not really why people play his games though. Gex's dad worked for NASA. one day he died in an explosion, which turned tex into a shut-in. shortly after, Gex's uncle died too, but he was rich so he left him a but-load of money, which allowed Gex to never get a job and stay inside to watch TV all the time. eventually this caught the attention of a tyrant from the media dimension called Rez. Rez then decided to pull Gex into the Media dimension so he could force Gex to be his Tv mascot for brainwashing a worldwide audience. Gex then traveled through many different tv channels to face bosses, challenges, and collectibles galore. through his adventures, you could say he became... the most INTERESTING gecko in the WORLD... ;)

Gex 2 commercial:…

GEX's natural abilities range from tail whips to tongue lashes to tail bouncing. as Gex would put it "a little tongue now, a lot of tail later." lol. aside from that Gex has exercised a range of powers like electric breath to ice and fire breath, then he got the fire fly and ice fly in gex 2, which allow him to use the ring of fire/ice ability. and in his 3rd game, tex got to do stuff based on mini games in certain worlds like snow boarding in the christmas channel, or turning in to a gun dam style war-machine on the anime channel. and much much more!! :D

Caddy's retrospectives GEX(part 1):…

and here's a kick-ass theme from gex 2 ;)…

the next all-star match up will be posted on October 24th. happy all-stars 4th anniversary
Jro Profile Pic 1
btw my first use of Photo-shop. :)

a little mood music…

i actually was able to use my digital art class as an excuse to make this. I've been wanting to make a new profile pic for a while, and the assignment was to use photoshop over a selfie. 

anyway, ive been getting some surprises ready for the ps all-stars 4 year anniversary. hope you guys arent planning to sit it out.

expect my first surprise wednesday, september 14th, 2016



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