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United States
I am a Dedicated playstation all stars Convert.

the MATCHUPS are my mission.


happy 3rd anniversary, i know that the anniversary period is up, but I'm not gonna call it quits until I've submitted my contribution.

I'm issuing a call to arms of sorts (as Memoski put it).

I'm going to do a 5 page preview for a fan comic that I hope you will support. my ambition is that i can get some of my fellow playstation all-stars fan artists involved as well. no work on your part is necessary. if you would like to volunteer tell me in the comments. and i will explain the details to you via notes.

this is not the end of playstation all-stars if i have anything to say about it, nor will it be the last anniversary


Agent vs Gex by superJROlander
Agent vs Gex
Agent [Counter SPY(PSN)] VS Gex [Gex(PS1)]{3rd}

you could say that this Matchup does take significant inspiration from the epic rap battle for James Bond vs Austin Powers :)…

in a world where the Imperialist states and and Soviet Russia lie in cold anticipation on the brink of war, a nuclear space race is underway to see who will be the first to Nuke the moon. no matter who reaches the finish line both world powers will have unwittingly destroyed the  world as we know it. only one organization stands between these world super powers and the threat of global destruction. this organiztion claims neutrality and works in complete secrecy by sending its Best Spy all over the world to sabatage top secret facilities. this organization is known simply to the Powers as COUNTER.

Counter Spy Trailer:…

Gex is like the Nostalgia Critic if he also happened to be Bruce Campbell. in fact i would argue that Gex is the Bruce Campbell of video game mascots. as a whole the gex games have had a really nice turnout. the story is not really why people play his games though. Gex's dad worked for NASA. one day he died in an explosion, which turned tex into a shut-in. shortly after, Gex's uncle died too, but he was rich so he left him a but-load of money, which allowed Gex to never get a job and stay inside to watch TV all the time. eventually this caught the attention of a tyrant from the media dimension called Rez. Rez then decided to pull Gex into the Media dimension so he could force Gex to be his Tv mascot for brainwashing a worldwide audience. Gex then traveled through many different tv channels to face bosses, challenges, and collectibles galore. through his adventures, you could say he became... the most INTERESTING gecko in the WORLD... ;)

Gex 2 commercial:…

GEX's natural abilities range from tail whips to tongue lashes to tail bouncing. as Gex would put it "a little tongue now, a lot of tail later." lol. aside from that Gex has exercised a range of powers like electric breath to ice and fire breath, then he got the fire fly and ice fly in gex 2, which allow him to use the ring of fire/ice ability. and in his 3rd game, tex got to do stuff based on mini games in certain worlds like snow boarding in the christmas channel, or turning in to a gun dam style war-machine on the anime channel. and much much more!! :D

Caddy's retrospectives GEX(part 1):…

and here's a kick-ass theme from gex 2 ;)…

the next all-star match up will be posted on October 24th. happy all-stars 4th anniversary
Jro Profile Pic 1 by superJROlander
Jro Profile Pic 1
btw my first use of Photo-shop. :)

a little mood music…

i actually was able to use my digital art class as an excuse to make this. I've been wanting to make a new profile pic for a while, and the assignment was to use photoshop over a selfie. 

anyway, ive been getting some surprises ready for the ps all-stars 4 year anniversary. hope you guys arent planning to sit it out.

expect my first surprise wednesday, september 14th, 2016
Call to Arms preview p3 by superJROlander
Call to Arms preview p3
please excuse the hoakie dialogue. I'm not exactly well versed in that field yet. 

please tell me any comments you can. I've still got a lot of pages to go, and i want to improve every step of the way.

sorry to keep you waiting. i'll try to get as much done as i can at my best pace, but I'm dealing with a lot of stuff cause i needed to take the summer semester. can't wait to get to the good stuff, though.
Memoski Logo by superJROlander
Memoski Logo
a very late birthday gift to Memoski.

i had this idea a while back after i did my own level, and i thought it would be cool to make during my break i had from school. i started it but i didnt finish it till now. 

and yes, that is the pokemon lettering, can't tell you how hard it was trying to do the S

hope you like it :iconmemoski:

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Happy Independence Day!!!:D
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Thank you for the faves!
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Hey thanks for adding me to your watch man :)

But first I have some questions for you; I'm curious about your comic SuperJRO what is it about?
superJROlander Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Student General Artist
the basic concept: its about a man engaging in a battle he knows he can't win, because he ould rather lose then do nothing.

setting: its the console wars, and a very concerned soldier in the playstation army has taken it upon himself to take cloud back from nintendo's smash bros.
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I see so can you show me page 1 of your comic? the rightful one that is not a concept but the actual chapter of it
superJROlander Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Student General Artist
its in my gallery, that and page 2. I'm still working on page 3.……
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